Monday, April 18, 2016

Saddle Shopping for Broke People...

...turns into me dropping a few $$$ on a used Circuit I found on my local tack swap FB page. It's a 17.5" medium tree - not sure of model. It's in great condition and is much nicer than my old one (not saying much there). The leather is nice and sticky and the seat looks comfy. I'm very excited to try it out in my next lesson. I will be asking to borrow some leathers though because my current ones are so so SO old and I'm afraid they'll break.

I have no media from my first few lessons of April, but I do have a little vid from Tuesday the 12th of Wolf and I going through a little three stride. This lesson and the one before it I worked on a couple of small courses of about six jumps. Wolf was amazing in that he let me do whatever and still jumped each jump willingly.

Had a lesson this past Saturday and rode Moose, a huge chestnut gelding. He was good until we went to canter and he just wouldn't. In fact he would halt almost every time I asked for it. M got on and had the same trouble, but finally did get a lap or two out of him. I got back on and tried again and worked on canter transitions the rest of the lesson. Eventually we were able to do a couple of flying changes and called it good so that Zoe could start her lesson. As I've now come to expect, she was unbelievable. She is now trotting and steering by herself (in her fourth lesson). No media because my phone died :(

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